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Xi'an Mandarin Education School, established in 2013, is the most professional and popular Mandarin Chinese Teaching school in Xi’an which has rich cultural and historical places for ideal environment to improve your Chinese. We are the only school authorized by Hong Kong International Education Group which has more than ten years Mandarin teaching experience. We have set up more than 15 cooperative Mandarin schools over the past ten years in China, like: Xi’an, Wuxi, Suzhou, Changzhou etc. All the schools are full of Chinese styles and Chinese teaching environment which are making your Chinese learning comfortable, easily and quickly....
Since the establishment of our school, we have been adhering to the concept of “Solid Teaching, Strict Research, and teaching in the life" and highly appraised by foreign students from many countries and foreign capital companies. At present, we’ve successfully cooperated with Samsung China Semiconductor, SK Hynix Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Schneider electric (China) Co., Ltd. Xi’an Branch, Tokyo Electron (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Xi'an Branch and enjoy a good reputation among all our students.

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Contact Us
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  Culture Activity

Experience the tea Ceremony ,Taste the Chinese Cul

As the premiere of the theme activities in 2014, Xi’an Mandarin Education School chooses the “Tea Ceremony”. Because it has many varieties and represents traditional Chinese culture. Chinese tea culture has a long history. Each types of tea with different function represent the culture of different regions in China. My dear foreign friends, here ......

Learning Chinese——2014 Exchange Meeting for TCFLTe

Successful Convening of the 2014 Exchange Meeting for TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) Teachers of Xi’an Mandarin Education School  The 2014 Exchange Meeting for TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) Teachers was held on February 16th, 2014 by Xi’an Mandarin Education School in order to improve the teaching quality and to ......

Learning Chinese——the 2014 Annual Meeting

Warm Congratulations to the Successful Holding of the 2014 Annual Meeting of Mandarin Education China   From 20th to 22nd January, 2014, the annual meeting of Mandarin Education China was held as scheduled. The representatives from schools all over the country gathered at Wuxi Mandarin Education School to review and exchange the development ......

Learning Chinese——Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year     Spring Festival is a traditional holiday exclusive to China. However, as global communications multiply, Spring Festival is celebrated not only by Chinese people, but also by many foreigners. All of them take a share of the merry.     To mark this special occasion and build up the festi......

We are so happy for stepping in new year of 2014

Dear friends:Did you have a happy time at the past year of 2013 in China?Year after year ,all staffs from Xi’an Mandarin Education School wanna say “Happy new year” to you and your family.No matter where are your from,The new year always means a new start and full of hope to everyone.In fact,Chinese New Year is the most important traditional Chines......

My foreign friends & I have Christmas party togeth

我(wǒ)& you,和朋友一起迎圣诞 My foreign friends & I have Christmas party together     朋友们,圣诞将至,您准备好在哪里狂欢了吗?Christmas day is close soon, my friends, where are you going to go for celebration?      我们相信,不管在什么地方过圣诞,朋友们在一起才是最重要的。中国,2013年12月21日,身穿红袍的圣诞老人带着梦想中的礼物与欢乐悄悄的降临西安语风。西安语风特地邀请我们的外国朋友一起迎接圣诞节。We believe that, ......
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